Peter Rutherford

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Peter Rutherford

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Rutherford is the Chief Operating Officer of KCG. In this role he is responsible for leading all day to day operational activities of the firm. Peter also provides valuable insight on strategic planning, finance and property underwriting.

Prior to joining KCG, Peter was a senior executive at Alliant Capital where he was responsible for establishing and managing Aliant’s joint venture investments in affordable housing development. During his 3 year tenure at Alliant the joint ventures he managed produced a pipeline of 2500 apartment units.

Peter’s affordable housing career began at Verizon Communications. At Verizon, Peter was an executive responsible for both new investments and portfolio management in affordable housing. Peter successfully sourced, negotiated and invested over $2 billion in affordable housing equity investments for Verizon and was responsible for managing the resulting 40,000 unit apartment portfolio. Peter was also responsible for Verizon’s $15 billion equipment lease portfolio consisting of commercial aircraft, power generation, industrial equipment and real estate.

Peter earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Southern Methodist University and a Master of Business Administration degree at New York University. Peter currently lives in the New York area with his wife and daughter.

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